Team Building in the Canaries

We at Grupo Stier have constructed a course that is made up of a series of exercises where TEAM WORK is the main outcome, the course is made to encourage all levels of employment and management and also to encourage sports teams where all parties get to develop and fine tune their skills in communication, cooperation, trust and support.
Grupo Stier has employees from all areas of expertise shipping, offshore, administration, investigation and a whole lot more, something we find most as a supplier of services is that our team need to be skilled and in tune with each other.

In order to ensure this Grupo Stier continually exercise their staff in team building exercises to ensure we can communicate, operate, encourage and adjust to the situations and environments that we find ourselves in.

The benefit of having this awareness is that we now have the experience and expertise especially with staff coming from previous employment such as military training, water sports, recreational centre´s where offering a one day course like this to companies, sports team, groups on retreats or groups of friend makes it interesting for all parties involved.

Our course is specifically designed to the group once an enquiry is placed with us and our team building exercises lead to:

• Good communications between team members
• Cooperation and collaborative problem solving
• Higher levels of trust and support
• Clear work objectives
• Finding new leaders

The day starts with a safety brief from our lead instructor, you are brought to get changed and that is where the day starts, we can guarantee fun but we can also guarantee a more encouraged team where for the company they will be more motivated so you get better:

• Productivity
• Creativity
• Job satisfaction
• Diverse co workers

The biggest benefit to team building in the canaries is fun in the sun; following the day of activities why not close the day out with a lunch where the team and staff of Grupo Stier can close the day out sharing TAPAS and a beverage of choice.

To find out more contact us at [email protected] or phone +34 629 789 400

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