P&I Correspondents

We coordinate and resolve emergency maritime incidents ocurring within our market area

We take P&I to a superior level by putting all the needed resources at work, immediately.

P&I Correspondents

The third axe of the Port strategy is to be a humanitarian hub by attracting international cooperation agencies. Thanks to this strategy the International Red Cross, World Food Program and USAID have established their logistic headquarters in the Port in for urgent release of any kind of help for West Africa due to the Port infrastructures and direct connections in the area.

We coordinate and resolve emergency maritime incidents ocurring within our market area.

Wide range of services

We handle any associated claims and offer assistance to the Captain/Shipowners and their Insurers in case of illness, death or accidents ocurring at sea. With over 20 years of experience we can play a pivotal role in the management of marine incidents and in any technical or legal matters thus providing a speedy resolution for our Principals and Shipowners.

Emergencies at Sea

  • First Aid advices/assessment
  • Coordination of Services
  • Logistics Support to carry out the operations


  • Handling of disembarkation and repatriation of crew
  • Stowaways and deserters

General Ship/Cargo Claims

  • Handling and Investigations for P&I Clubs/ Insurers/ Ship Owners/ Shipping Operators


  • Advice and coordination of services to rescue at sea crew members and passengers


  • P&I Condition Suveys
  • Container/Cargoes Inspections
  • Loss Prevention and Tally Surveys
  • Bunkers Surveys


  • Handling and investigations to disembark stowaways in the Canaries and/or Cape Verde, West Africa

Medical Assistance

  • Rescue at sea
  • Disembarkation
  • Hospitalisation
  • Crew assistance
  • Handling/management of the medical expenses


  • Investigations
  • Legal Proceedings
  • Negotiations and Amicable Settlements


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Discover Canary Islands

Geographically, the archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean, of the northwest coast of Africa, north of the Tropic of Cancer, Just over 1,000 kilometres from the Spanish Mainland and about 100 km from Africa, the Canary Islands Region is set in the Atlantic Ocean as a strategic enclave between three continents: Europe, Africa and America.

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Grupo Stier S.L. has received funding from the Loan and Guarantee Fund for the Promotion of Innovation Business Projects for the project called INNOVATION PROJECT IN THE FIELD OF MARITIME SAFETY IN THE CANARY ISLANDS, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) at 85% FEDER Operational Program for the Canary Islands 2007-2020.

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