How to act in nautical emergencies

The sea is one of the most dangerous spaces for humans. We enjoy sailing, and working on the high seas but do you know how to act in a nautical emergency? Many problems can arise in the ocean. and before any of them, the first thing is to remain calm, act with common sense. Here are several situations that can occur and some advice on how to act.

1. Distress call

VHF Channel 16 (Voice). VHF Channel 70 in LSD (Digital Selective Calling. The LSD is activated by pressing and holding the Distress button, a minimum of 5 ‘. The emergency signal is received by the nearest Coast Station. Report your position and explain what It happens, depending on the severity, contact your Club or Marina, your technician or insurance, Maritime Rescue and / or activate the LSD.

2. Man to the Water

The most important thing is to keep track of it. Turn 180º according to the regulations for motor or sail boats. It is also very important that a second crew member knows how to handle the ship.

3. Fire

Fire Use extinguishers first. You have to know where they are, which are operational and how they are used. Check them annually.

4. Bad weather

The fundamental thing is to seek refuge, to shelter to the maximum of the wind (to leeward). Then report situation, route and destination. If it is anchored, securely anchor the anchor.

5. Waterway

Make sure the bilge pump works. It is best to go to the port and, depending on the gravity, to the nearest and direct to the travelift of the marina or port to beach the ship, warning beforehand so that they are prepared. Check pump operation periodically.

6. Stranded / Embarrancada

If you do not have a waterway or major damage, the first thing is to try to free the ship with your own means or help from a nearby ship. If you have damage that prevents you from browsing, ask for help by radio.

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