Discover how wind turbines works

It is a device that converts the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. Their blades rotate between 13 and 20 revolutions per minute, depending on their technology, at a constant speed or at a variable speed, where the rotor speed varies depending on the wind speed to achieve greater efficiency.

The average life of a wind turbine is around 25 years. The rapid evolution of wind technology has led to the increased durability of wind turbines.

How does a wind turbine produce energy?

Automatic orientation:

It is automatically oriented to take full advantage of the kinetic energy of the wind, based on the data recorded by the wind vane and anemometer incorporated in the upper part.

Rotation of the blades:

They begin to move with wind speeds of about 3.5 m / s and provide maximum power with about 11 m / s. With very strong winds (25 m / s) the blades are placed on flag and the wind turbine is braked to avoid excessive tensions.


The rotor (set of three blades set in the hub) spins a slow shaft connected to a multiplier that raises the turning speed from about 13 to about 1,500 revolutions per minute.


The multiplier, through the fast axis, transfers its energy to the coupled generator, which produces electricity.


The energy generated is conducted through the interior of the tower to the base and, from there, by underground line to the substation, where its voltage rises to inject it into the electricity grid and distribute it to the consumption points.


All critical wind turbine functions are monitored and monitored from the substation and the control center, to detect and resolve any incident.

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